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Unlimited Grace Mindfulness 

& Meditation Series


So Book your Session Today!  Individual, Group and Corporate sessions are available! Let us Guide you and/or your next team development in mindful meditatations/sessions to assist in the decrease of stress levels and an increase of positive moods. With the combination listed in our motto, these sessions create an expeience of a lifetime! 

Schedule a sesson(s) today and Learn how to blend Mind, Body and Spirit though Laughter, Movement, Breath and become Gracefully Mindful.  It's more than a series, It's a Lifestyle.

* 15 minute sessions

* 30 minute sessions

* 60 minutes sessions 

*personalized sessions are available and ask about our gift cards*  

*Teen / Adolescent groups are available

Looking forward to sharing with you..   Namaste. 

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Disclaimer:  Information/services provided by Gracefully Mindful Wellness Institute are not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. It has been recommended that you concurrently work with your primary caregiver for any conditions you may have. Note that Gracefully Mindful Wellness Institute provides educational information on the traditional and historical uses of mindfulness, meditation, herbs and whole foods that help increase the overall quality of life.

Thank you to all of our current and future clients. We appreciate you!

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