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Unlimited Grace - Mindfulness & Meditation Series

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Wellness Workshops
Group Options:

1.  Introduction to Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork workshop.

2.  Comprehensive Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork workshop.

3.  5 Steps to Successful Wellness Workshop.

            (only available for groups)

Individual Options:

45 minute session - $75 *

90 minute session - $135 *

*One-on-one consultations include - wellness consultation and individual wellness planning

*Email for for Group pricing.  We want to ensure we create the best customized wellness package that meets your needs. 


Unlimited Grace -
     Meditation Mist Set 

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Wellness Products

Meditating next to any aroma with the right blends helps focus the inner self. Inhaling the oils while focusing on breathing, which is the essence of meditation, helps bring clarity, a sense of calm and inner peace.

Introducing Unlimited Grace Meditation Mist..  Created with only essential oils and distilled water, You can meditate, spray on garments and/or use as an aid to sleep tp assist in your wellness journey. 

Order Yours Today!

Essential Oils Sprays: available as follows: :

* Protection

* Peace

* Grace - Signature Scent

* Clarity

* Sweet Rest

services and products are also available and customizable for kids and teens..png
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